"When we first met there were doctors recommending amputation of my leg, but Dr. Greenberger was adamant it could be saved. His compassion for his patients and knowledge not only saved my leg, but helped me to cope with my procedure. Dr. Greenberger’s availability at all hours of the day and night to talk to me was priceless and his post surgery care and tolerance of my impatient attitude was stellar. I have not only become a dedicated patient but a life-long friend."

- Chris

"I first saw Dr. Greenberger in September 2005 and at that time he recommended a procedure to correct an ongoing issue with my big toe. However, I was skeptical and did not follow his advice. In December 2006, I developed an open wound on the same toe and was seeing another ct podiatrist for treatment, but I was not getting results. I decided to return to Dr. Greenberger’s foot care center in August 2007, to pursue a more proactive treatment. We started aggressive treatment including two skin grafts, and have finally completed the healing of toe. Thank you."

- Peter

"In November 2007 I had surgery to correct a bunion problem. Dr. Greenberger was very thorough and he communicated well, graciously answering questions from both me and my husband. I found him to be thoughtful, careful, conservative in his treatment plan and he didn’t promise me the moon. Remarkably, Dr. Greenberger called me four times in the first two days after my surgery to check on me, I feel extremely well taken care of by someone who knew what he was doing. Dr. Greenberger provided superb care."

- Adele

"After hearing many “horror” stories of the pain involved in bunion surgery, I was a little apprehensive to have the surgery. Dr. Greenberger performed bunion surgery and the pain was minimal, much to my surprise! Four weeks later I was walking in “regular” shoes….walking shoes, but I didn’t need the surgical shoe anymore! I am so pleased with the results and the lack of pain involved. I look forward to wearing cute sandals in the summer and not being ashamed of the way my feet look."

- Michelle