Neuropathy Treatment

At Fairfield County Foot Surgeons, we use the most innovative and effective treatments for patients suffering from diabetic or other types of peripheral neuropathy. Unlike other treatments for neuropathy that give only temporary relief, (laser, infrared, and TENS) our technique provides long lasting and permanent results. Our patients have better outcomes because our treatment protocol doesn’t only address the symptoms, it actually heals the nerves.

This new and exciting treatment uses a sophisticated and painless electro-medical wave generator combined with a small amount of local anesthetic around the ankles to “reboot” or “reprogram” the nerves. In addition, it increases the circulation to the nerves which promotes healing.

At Fairfield County Foot Surgeons, we are committed to providing the newest and most innovative technology and treatments that provide accurate diagnoses and pain relief with minimal risk and maximum results – all of which are here in our state of the art, comfortable and friendly office.