Neuropathy Treatment

RST Sanexas neoGEN-Series At Fairfield County Foot Surgeons, Dr. Greenberger uses the most innovative and effective treatments for patients suffering from diabetic or other types of peripheral neuropathy. Unlike other treatments for neuropathy that give only temporary relief (laser, infrared, and TENS), the RST Sanexas neoGEN-Series® is a highly advanced, electric cell signaling device that helps increase circulation, reduce inflammation, stimulate nerve fibers and improve healing. This new and exciting quantum-based medicial treatment uses a sophisticated and painless electro-energy wave generator. It directly signals small peripheral nerve cells with electronic impulses instead of smothering them with drugs. Think of it like a piano tuner striking his tuning fork next to your piano to tune it. The piano strings will vibrate when it is correctly tuned to the right frequency. This is how the electrical impulses sent from the neoGEN device effect your nerve cells so they can regrow and start the healing process. The treatment is not painful; it’s comfortable and non-invasive. The typical treatment is between 15-30 minutes per session and recommended 2-3 times per week depending on your condition and your prescribed protocol. With our advanced protocol, you will receive a small amount of a pharma nutrient blend of essential vitamins and minerals injected into your body to “reboot” or “reprogram” the nerves and improve results.

We are committed to providing the newest and most innovative technology and treatments that provide accurate diagnosis and pain relief with minimal risk and maximum results all here in our state of the art, comfortable, and friendly office.

Patient undergoes electric cell signaling
treatment using neoGEN-Series device to increase circulation, stimulate nerves, facilitate metabolism, and improve healing.